Cartridge Faucet Repair

The easy instructions for the DIY home owner

Most of the newer model faucets are considered a cartridge faucet and you will find they are easy to repair. One of the common causes for a cartridge failure is mineral build-up or just normal aging of the internal parts. like the o-rings. The o-ring is concealed in the cartridge and will wear down over time. Because this is in a container you most likely will not see the o-ring.

Your cartridge will need to be replaced if this o-ring breaks or wears down. Mineral build-up inside the cartridge can also displace the o-ring causing it to fail. If the cartridge has stopped working correctly because of mineral build-up you can sometimes get it operational by soaking it in a vinegar solution or a store bought cleaner made specifically for removing mineral build-up. But, nine times out of ten you will have to replace the cartridge to get your faucet working. Should this be the situation you will find its very easy to do, so read these instruction before you call the plumber.


Steps to do a cartridge faucet repair.


Materials you will need to do the job:

  • Plumbers Lubricant
  • Pliers
  • Philips screwdriver
  • Shop cloth

Follow these instructions:

Do not be intimidated if you have never done this as it really is very easy and you can save a lot of money.

Make sure you release the water pressure before attempting any work. To remove any pressure and all water from the lines you will need to turn of the water source and open the faucet allowing any residual water to escape. Next remove the handle or knob by popping the cap off the handle and removing the screw. This will allow you to remove the handle by lifting up ( you may need to give it a wiggle ). The screw will most likely be a Philips screw . On most faucets this will reveal the cartridge to you, although some may have a second housing that will easily come off by rotating it counter clockwise. Now a simple tug should release the cartridge, if you have any resistance there may be a retaining clip that snaps off. Some cartridges will have a o-ring, but these will usually come with your new cartridge. If not, make sure you replace it with the same type. Now take your new cartridge and in reverse order replace all parts and slowly turn water back on while observing for leaks. At this point if you see no leaks, you have finished and your faucets is like new.

Should you be considering a shower cartridge faucet have no fear as the steps are about the same.

The only difference may be how the handle comes off as sometimes they are held on by an hex screw, so you will need a set of hex wrench’s if this is the case. Other than that just follow the steps above and you should do well.


Tips when taking your faucet apart

Many faucets are made of soft metals that will damage easily, so make sure you lay down cloth to protect the surface. All faucet parts that you need to use pliers on should be wrapped with a cloth to protect the metal from the teeth of the pliers.

Soaking the faucet parts in a lime remover will make them look like new and when you have them apart will be the best time to do it. Pay special attention to the instruction on the cleaner to make sure it will not damage the faucet metal surface.

Now you can go in confidence and fix your cartridge faucet. By doing this by yourself you will be saving 80.00 to 150.00 dollars in plumber fees. Also with your new found knowledge you will become the go to person for the whole family.


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