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To protect you the user, should the claims be unfounded there is always a 100% money back guarantee on any item purchased from this website. Please note that on some occasions a purchased may be made through a link from this website, but the purchase is actually from another website. Therefore in these situation all guarantees will be with the owner of that website. Therefore it is recommended that you check on that websites guarantee before completing your purchase.

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Let it be known that the owners opinions on products displayed or talked about on this website could result in the ownerreceiving compensation for your purchase. You should know that the reason for the existence of this site is two fold. It is to provided informative information that is relevant to the user and at the same time allows the owner of the website toestablish a monetary relationship with its suppliers. There will be instances where the owner receives nothing for the product or services. There also will be times were they will. It is a relationship where the more relevant and accurate the owner is with the information presented that the owner shell be rewarded through possible monetary gains. You should always do your own due diligence before making any purchase from the internet.

Type of compensation

The owner of this website shall be compensated should you click an affiliate link and make a purchase. The compensation may vary from receiving a payment or receiving complimentary products or services. In some situations the sole reason the owner has the affiliate link is so that the owner may receive the same serviceadvertised, but for free because the owner is selling the service. If there are any concerns at all you are urged to useour contact form to reach us and we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation.

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